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Executive Coaching

A Mars Venus Success Coach can be contracted by organizations to coach executive personnel individually or in a group setting, or they can be directly enlisted by executives and managers for coaching in specific areas. The International Coach Federation defines corporate or executive coaching as "a process for equipping individuals and teams with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to be creatively productive and effective in their commitment to themselves, their organizations, and their work." We proudly support this definition.

Companies often enlist the services of a Success Coach in order to:

  • Assist newly appointed personnel in learning, progressing, and generating results more quickly.
  • Assist existing top-level managers with leadership development, self-motivation, communication, and personal productivity.
  • Assist existing top-level managers to further develop specific skills, become more effective time managers, and build fruitful relationships.
  • Assist individuals and groups of employees to more effectively deal with increasing change.
  • Assist key personnel with work/life balance and job satisfaction.
  • Coach/train groups of team members to achieve maximum team synergy, customer satisfaction levels, productivity, and results.
  • Produce more dynamic and better-performing teams so that companies may retain their employees longer, rather than lose them through disillusionment or from the effects of stress.

A Mars Venus Success Coach can effectively assist any corporation or executive who is looking for answers to succeed in the corporate world.