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Radu Zernoveanu
Success Coach
Mars Venus Coaching Romania
59 Iuliu Maniu Bd
Bucharest, 061082
Mobile: +40 (740) 055 633
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Radu is a very experienced trainer and coach with more than 14 years of seminars, workshops, training and team building sessions performed in Romanian or English.

After finishing the Medical University he worked as a doctor in the Emergency University Hospital of Bucharest, thus preparing himself for a successful career in orthopedics. Romania’s emerging democracy gave him the chance to discover his gift in training and communication which, combined with his inclination for helping others, led to a spectacular and rewarding career shift.

Trained in England, by one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world, Radu became a well respected trainer and personal coach. For more than 10 years, he owned a corporate training and team building company with a High Rope Course Park and Hotel in the Romanian mountains.

Radu’s passion for team building had another unexpected result, Camp Mastermind, one of the most successful private camps in Romania for children aged 8 to 16. Since 2002 he has been a member of the International Camp Fellowship and since 2004, he was a founding member and vice president of the European Camp Association.

Since 20 years ago, he has been living a fairy tale marriage with Lavinia, his associate in life and business. They are blessed with a 16 year old son, Radu Jr., who is an international Olympic in Informatics. Radu Jr., is a warm and outgoing person who is also his father’s main camp counselor.

Joining Mars Venus Coaching family was a natural process for Radu as he brings his unique and diverse combination of a medical background, training and life experience, and proven managerial skills paired with passion, energy, and devotion for another’s development and growth. He will actively promote Dr. Gray’s principles, theories, and tools with the deep belief that they are greatly instrumental in obtaining and increasing welfare and happiness.

Favorite quote:
"If you think you can do a thing, or think you can't do a thing, you're right.” - Henry Ford