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Client Testimonials

Mars Venus Coaching clients share their experience:

""An unforgettable experience! I finished the course feeling: - First, a bit of sadness: we cannot help wondering how much happier we would be in our marriage, if I knew this stuff 20 years ago! This we will never know, but we do know that the next 20 years will be exceptional – And secondly, happiness. Why? Because our children’s relationships will be so much better due to this course. Theirs will be less painful than the hard lessons they would have been force to learn from their own mistakes or their parents’. Thank Zernoveanu family, again, for the care (almost maternal) that surrounds us every time we are with you and more for the honor of being their friends! Success! "" - Virgil Melinte COO Macromex Romania, participant la Secrete Avansate ale Relatiilor unui Cuplu de Succes

""I went to the Mars Venus Relationship Workshop out of curiosity, but with the belief that after eight years of marriage, we cannot have major revelations about our life together. I enjoyed that it was not so! The seminar presents the issues inherent in the life of any couple, offering answers to questions that certainly each of us have sought at least once. The solutions proposed by the course, have an immediate and positive impact. I consider myself fortunate to have attended it!"" - Marcel M. Bucuresti, participant la Secrete Avansate ale Relatiilor unui Cuplu de Succes